Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Escape Room Team Building Johannesburg

Escape Room Team Building Johannesburg

Escape Room Team Building JohannesburgOur Escape Room Maze in Fourways, Johannesburg,  is one of our popular fun team building activities near Sandton with low physical requirements, and is fit for all ages.

Escape Room Maze Fourways at the Chartwell Castle Maze in Johannesburg
Chartwell Castle is situated near Montecasino, Cedar Road in Fourways, and Cosmo City. Team Building activities include Amazing Race, Escape Room, and BraaiMaster. All the meat is halaal, and we use only new braai utensils.

09h00 Arrival Coffee and Muffins by the Pool Area

09h20 Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities

09h45 Dividing Teams, ±10 per team

10h00 Amazing Race Imagination
This is a fun race against Imagination, Creativity, Riddles, and Raffles. Our Amazing Race has low physical requirements, and is fit for all ages. Team have to complete a short detour (Newspaper Conveyer Belt), solve a puzzle, find iconic places, search for imaginary things, and finally complete a challenge (balancing 9 nails on 1 nail).

11h00 Refreshments by the Pool Area
Assorted Toasted Sandwiched, including Chick Mayo, Cheese & Tom, etc. Soft Drink or Bottled Water

Escape Room
You have 60min to solve 60 clues. The maze is the biggest of its kind, and the trees are about 10 meters high. Our Escape Room is World Class and include Hollywood Actors, Cartoons, popular household brands, mirror letters, invisible ink and UV Torches, pirate maps, QR codes, and many more riddles and puzzles. We are not allowed to lock companies in rooms, and instead teams need to work out where they are kept captive, so that they can get an S.O.S out to be saved – utterly brilliant, funny, and very easy!

12h00 MasterChef BraaiMaster
Take the braai home after the event. We only use new braais for the halaal meat. New utensils, chef Hats, aprons, plastic chrome cutlery and Crockery etc for halaal. Assorted herbs and spices, charcoal, Blitz, and new braai stands.

13h00 – BraaiMaster is served
The braai is served, everybody share there BBQ Braai.. The BBQ Braai is served with six assorted salads, and garlic rolls. Salads usually include Greek, Potato, Spicy Noodle, Carrot and Pineapple, Coleslaw etc. Soft Drinks include 340ml Coke, Sprite, etc.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan - dish from the salads, or bring your own lunch
  • Halal Meals - Halaal Butcher (ask for receipt), New braai and utensils, Jimmy's halaal braai basting, plastic cutlery and paper plates
  • Kosher Meals - we regret, no Kosher delivery are available for this area
  • Bring own alcoholic Beverages. 

14h00 Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure

Team Building Johannesburg
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